About Us

Ipswich Women’s Festival Group aims to research and celebrate local women’s achievements – organizing events and developing resources such as this Trail.

The Group started in the 1980s when it held various women’s festivals in the town. It builds on the work done by a Community Education Local Women’s History Group in the 1990s, which compiled the first leaflet, and also held an exhibition of Women and Work.

In 2011, the group decided to celebrate the 100 year anniversary of the Census Boycott, when 30 local women avoided completing their Census forms by staying at the Old Museum Rooms overnight in a campaign to get Votes for Women. Almost 150 women came to the site of that action (now Arlington’s Brasserie) for dinner, talks and singing.

The Ipswich Women’s History Trail was launched by Councillor Mary Blake (the Mayor of Ipswich) at Ipswich Tourist Information Centre on 18 October 2012. The Ipswich Women’s Festival Group produced the booklet in collaboration with Ipswich Borough Council and is now part of their town trail collection.

To celebrate the trail and as part of Ip-Art 2013 an Afternoon Tea and Talk took place at Arlingtons Brasserie on 23rd June.

Women are welcome to join our group – all that is required is the willingness to work together on our next project.