Ipswich Women's Festival Group Suffragette

Welcome to the Ipswich Women’s Festival Group website.

We are a community group based in Ipswich, Suffolk, UK aiming to promote women’s achievements in social, cultural and political endeavours by:

  • carrying out research focused on learning about Ipswich women who have made a significant contribution in their field benefiting the local community and beyond, and who in many cases have been ‘hidden from history’. This includes using the Suffolk Record Office and other sources, meeting local people, relatives and associates. 
  • developing resources to ensure information is readily available and that it is   ‘visible’ –for example through town trails and blue plaques, website and taking the information out to other groups 
  • organising events to share information and ideas about women’s achievements in an inclusive and enjoyable way such as celebration events and quizzes.
  • promoting and networking with other groups, for example joining in with International Women’s Day events and giving talks. We want to be open to new ideas so that the work we do remains relevant and useful in inspiring women of all ages to overcome barriers to fulfilment and achievement in whatever field they choose.


We hope you find this website interesting and welcome your comments.

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